Hair removal – brow & lash tinting – makeup – spray tanning


“WOW’s” that’s right! wows, not brows, are what you get At ShanMarie!

Considered one of the original brow architects, ShanMarie will educate you on the proper brow form,  structure, and maintenance. Maximizing and preserving what is yours naturally.

The proper method of shaping will be discussed and chosen (tweeze, wax, or thread). Possibly a combo of techniques as well as the proper choice of wax as to maintain the integrity of the delicate skin of the brow area. Brow tinting as a means of shape enhancement will also be suggested if appropriate.

*please inform your skin therapist of any medications or topical solutions that may increase sensitivity.

Hair removal services for other areas as well as pricing located on service menu page.



Professional, proven, time tested techniques are divulged. All the while focusing on only that which does good for the skin as well. And again keeping lifestyle and age appropriateness in mind.



Choose from the following “bite-sized” sessions. Designed to be neither too time consuming or too overwhelming.



Each 30 minute session is $75 and you’ll receive 10% off any make-up purchases made at the session.



You should bring your current make-up with you so that the appropriate pieces of your collection may be utilized.



Foundation and Concealing

Learn the appropriate base to start your work

How dark circles, blemishes, and brown spots all can be diminished

Shine management techniques

How to conceal skin as it’s in the process of an age management skin care program

*It is advised that you arrive clean faced for this appointment. If you are unable to do so before your appointment, please arrive a few minutes early as cleansing products and supplies will be available for you to do so prior to your scheduled time.

Lashes & Brows

Learn how to enhance your natural brow shape or subtly create the illusion of the shape you wish to have

How to create strength and definition for the lash line

Adding clusters when more drama is desired

*It is advised that you arrive at this appointment with no eye makeup on. You may have foundation, blush, and lip products on if you wish.

Lips & Cheeks

Understand the different products and their uses

How to layer products for multiple effects

Proper application for longest wearability

Covers color combinations



Highlight & Contour

Learn techniques that bring life and shape to your face

Utilize the power of shadows and light

Bring out the features you like, minimize those you don’t

Eye Design

Smokey, sultry, wide-eyed, cat

Learn how to create looks that enhance and define while requiring minimal touch up

Focus on techniques to create as much or as little drama as you desire

Discover how to take your daytime eye straight into evening with a few changes

*It is advised that you arrive at this appointment with no eye makeup on. You may have foundation, blush, and lip products if you wish.