Why don’t you offer discounts? Why aren’t you on Groupon?

Posted by Shannon in Latest News

Good skin health is an investment. The ideal client for ShanMarie is one who embraces all aspects of their health and well being. We’re not looking for an influx of clients to sample what we do. WE DO WHAT WORKS!!!! If you follow the program. Good skin health is a commitment. You as the client have to do that day in and the day out. Like I mentioned in a previous blog, you’re treating your skin 60 times a month as opposed to my one time. On occasion we offer specials to our existing, loyal clientele for being committed and consistent. We know first hand what it takes. We’ve all been through the process. As a business owner, I would never treat a new client better than an existing client. Our loyal clients dedicated to their health and skin deserve our gratitude and their commitment and persistence.

21 Nov 2015