Why is the timing of treatments so important in achieving maximum results from a corrective skincare program?

Posted by Shannon in Latest News

The timing of treatments is so critical if you’re going for correction and results. I always tell my clients when they’re in a series of intensive treatments that every time I’m working on their face I’m working on a different skin if I’ve done my job right.

So here’s what that means. I’ve designed a home care regimen for you to follow morning and night in order to illicit a certain response in the skin and and prepare the skin to receive maximum benefits/results from each successive treatment. The home care stimulates a rapid production of skin cells. The treatments remove the excess cells from the surface. When you return to your home care regimen after a treatment, the action ingredients have a less stratum corneum (the upper layers of the epidermis) to penetrate through so therefore the home care becomes a bit more intense and more effective. And the action ingredients are working on newer and fresher skin cells there by amplifying the results even more. Once you get through the “correct phase,” the “prevent phase” should, for the most part, yield a much simpler and effective routine as this newer, fresher skin should respond to less treatment. So I can hear you all now… How long is the correct phase? That is completely individual. How old are you? Are you a good (insert your age here) or are you a bad (insert your age here)? How much damage is there in the skin? Have you practiced good skin care for most of your adult life? How’s your general health? How’s your diet? Have you followed your home care protocol with consistency and discipline? Effectively over the course of a month, you’ve treated your skin 60 times through your morning and evening routine. I treat your skin once a month (timing of treatments vary; just using this as a basis for comparison). In order to get maximum results from mine, you have to do yours. Based on how the skin responds to the treatment versus how it responds to getting back to your regular routine after treatment will dictate the timing of treatments. Often times we see a tapering off of the action ingredients in the home care and a greater span of time between treatments as the desired results are achieved.

21 Nov 2015