Prevent services are designed to maintain the health and balance of the current state of your skin. It’s generally not where most people start, however prevention can start at any point to help slow the progression of aging. A level I, II, or III facial is recommended as an initial visit to allow for proper consulting and analyzing of the skin. At that point, home care protocol and a treatment program will be advised if that is the wish of the client.

Shannon has a path to beautiful, healthy skin for all of her clients.  She and her staff build a tailored program and walk you through each step.  They are always available to answer questions or concerns.  I know that with ShanMarie I get years of experience and clear, measurable results.

From Stephanie C

Cleanse, hydrate, protect is one of the mantras at ShanMarie. No good deeds are accomplished if the basics aren’t part of a diligent daily ritual. Wonderful things happen to skin when it’s treated to these three basics.

As a client of ShanMarie’s for the past eight years, I can say with complete confidence that you cannot put your body’s care into the hands of a more knowledgeable or capable professional. The myriad of services available appeal to all ages and skin types and allow for treatment specifically tailored to your individual needs. Without reservation, I highly recommend ShanMarie to anyone who is seeking a premium quality skin care experience.

From Lisa P

Customized Facial

A customized balancing treatment that addresses the current conditions in your skin. Whether it be dehydration, congestion in the pores, excessive oil or dryness, sensitivity, or just general imbalances, all of your concerns will be addressed. Within the framework of our customized facial we are able to use various techniques and treatments that address your skins needs at that time to achieve the best health and balance possible. After cleansing and examining your skin for its conditions and needs, a treatment plan will be designed. Prior to the commencement of this step the exact protocol for your treatment cannot be determined.


Basic customized facial. Can include any of the following:

deep cleansing, steam, exfoliant, extractions, massage, mask, appropriate finishing products


Basic customized facial with treatment of neck and décolleté can include any of the same treatments as Level I including treatment to the neck and décolleté area.


Basic customized facial with treatment of neck and decollete including treatment with MAX LED light therapy.

I have always taken good care of my skin, or so I thought until I found ShanMarie. Shannon is knowledge, competence and caring-practiced at the art of perfection.

From Rosalyn V