How come I can’t just make an appointment for a peel?

Posted by Shannon in Latest News

That’s not how we work. First of all, results don’t happen from a one time event of a “peel.” We don’t even like to use that word, you’re not an apple! We refer to what we do as treatments, micro dermabrasion, retinol infusions, etc. In my wildest dreams I would never do anything intensive to a client whose lifestyle habits I’m completely unaware of. In order to receive lasting and measurable results in the skin, it’s important that the skin be prepped through home care. I’d rather sell someone home care before a treatment or even a facial any day. A properly designed home care routine followed for 4-6 weeks prior to a treatment can yield 50% more results from a treatment. I would never take a new client and do anything intensive to them on their first visit when I don’t know what they’re using at home. People aren’t coming to me because their skin is perfect and they love it. If that were the case, I could just do a fluffy “McFacial” and send them on their way. I have to trust YOU that you’re doing all the right things at home and know that when I do that intensive treatment to you, you’re going home and using products compatible with that treatment design to care for skin in that state, not just soap or another drugstore or department store brand. When we first see a client, we start with the basics; cleanse, hydrate, and protect so that all the bases are covered. We’re helping you get the results you’re after and we’re helping you protect your investment.

21 Nov 2015