I’m going to pay so much more for products from a skin care therapist…

Posted by Shannon in Latest News

Not true at all!

I price check products from all sectors of the market from time to time and here is what I continually find;

#1 Inferior formulated/inexpensive over the counter products consistently contain ingredients known to be degenerative to human tissues. They also contain commonly used skin irritants which include dyes, fragrance, and preservatives, just to name a few, many of which are used as masking ingredients to cover up the smell of the ingredients in the products or change the color to something more appealing (cosmetic chemistry and formulation is an entire discussion on its own, it’s not all what you think it is). And generally speaking, it takes more of these products to get the job done. And the consumer is left to “self assist” themselves from the shelves with only marketing claims to guide them, usually preying on the emotions of the consumer who is desperately seeking a solution to a self diagnosed issue.

#2 More expensive department store brands have a more refined look, feel and smell but offer little more than that along with a price tag that far supersedes those recommended by professional skincare therapists. The “experience” of buying them is expertly choreographed by marketing experts from both vender and the retail establishment, a contributing factor to the high price tag. However, that well groomed, polite sales person truly knows little about the functions, systems, and structure of your skin. Nor does she perform treatments that make a difference when combined with proper home care. Quality formulated, professional, results oriented skin care products are sold only to individuals that are licensed to do so and hopefully follow through with the education available to them to direct the consumer/client in achieving the desired results.

21 Nov 2015