Why do I need to do the basics, why can’t you just give me the good stuff?

Posted by Shannon in Latest News

Oh I get this one ALL the time. This is an integrity issue for me as a therapist.

Let’s say the concern the client wishes to address is hyper pigmentation, brown spots on the face. Do I sell her the product that works to diminish the hyper pigmentation without making sure she’s using an appropriate sunscreen (see blog on sunscreen)? Knowing she’s applying a product with ingredients that create a mild photosensitizing effect on the skin in order to correct the problem, which when exposed to UV light can worsen the problem she came in with. Of course she’ll tell me that her makeup has sunscreen in it or her moisturizer has it which is probably a chemical sunscreen versus a physical element (again see sunscreen blog). Then do I educate her on the proper cleansing of her skin. How can one expect to get the most out of a high performance treatment product if the skin isn’t gently thoroughly cleansed/prepped prior to it’s application. Believe me, it dramatically reduces the results if your action ingredients have to fight their way through dirt, grime, makeup and sunscreen (yippie) left behind from improper cleaning techniques and products. The best results come from the synergistic use of the proper combined products, i.e. a routine. Everyone wants one product that does it all, but it’s about the synergy created by a well choreographed routine, a skin dance, yoga, a workout routine. Will you get the body you’re after if you’re only doing sit-ups?

The bottom line for you the consumer/client is…

Be sure you’re working with a therapist who’s willing to take time to educate you, not just take your money.

At ShanMarie all skincare programs begin with the basics, cleanse, hydrate, protect. If a client can’t commit to the slingshot, we’re not giving them the rifle, you dig?

21 Nov 2015